Sports and active lifestyle has been part of my life since young. Been in various sports to understand the mechanics and from there it is how I decided to be a trainer/coach. Founded CrossFit and never looked back. My goal will always to be a trainer/coach first before placing myself as an athlete. Most of […]

No one is ever too old or too weak to start working out, says Ng U-Jin, Head Coach of CrossFit ReD Dot. Making CrossFit his lifestyle, Ng strongly believes this is the true measure of fitness and also a good lifestyle to advocate. His first experience with CrossFit was a humbling one, challenging him to […]

Has been into fitness for a while during school and subsequently when i joined the workforce; I always see the benefits which enable me to live a better life. Was introduced to CrossFit by similar-minded friends and have not looked back since. Love the ‘pain’ but also the community within the box which has become […]

In the journey of pursuing the highest level of fitness. Started in Track & Field, fallen into a love- hate relationship with Crossfit. Deep passion for coaching to assist individuals better themselves to reach their highest potential and personal goals. Thinking out of the box and challenge is what drives me. With experience gained from […]



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